Business Continuity Plan

by MCM Analyst 3/19/2020


With the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation developing quickly, we believe it’s important to be transparent about how MCM is responding to the outbreak. We want to communicate to you our clients what we have in place during these difficult times. Our philosophy as a business is to approach this situation with empathy and urgency; MCM’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees and of the clients we serve.


Given how rapidly the outbreak is evolving, we expect, and are prepared, to iterate on our approach constantly to ensure the health and safety of our employees and communities. 


Up and Running!


MCM is up and running at full speed. Our team is able to work remote if the need arises and every team member has full capabilities to deliver the MCM Service levels you have come accustomed to.


Furthermore, MCM continues to employ cloud technology to deliver position reports and analysis which all can be operated remotely as even when we are in the office the tech is remote.


Business Continuity Plan


MCM maintains business continuity and disaster recovery plans focusing both on preventing outage through redundancy of telecommunications, systems and business operations, and on rapid recovery strategies in the event of an availability or performance issue. Whenever customer-impacting situations occur, MCM’s goal is to quickly and transparently isolate and address the issue.


MCM is committed to delivering the best experience to our clients and their customers each and every day. We will continue to monitor events and let you know of any changes.